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The propertites of fiberglass


The products adopt inorganic E type fiberglass along with the main components of silicone AlO and CaO. Also, it is characterized by heat-resistance, tensile strength, tenacity fireproofing, anti-erosion, and good electrical insulation. The adoption of extreme tiny E type fiberglass followed by particular needling leads to numerous thin holes with the fiberglass blanket so as to provide heat-insulation and sound-absorbency. 


 Low heat-insulation

Low thermal conductivity at temperatures to 1000° F (538° C) it can be widely applicated in various fields of industy, energy saving and cost control.


 Good soundproof effect

Fiberlass is the porous material, good for sound insulation, it can prevent facilities noise or for building materials used in the audio.


 Excellent electrical insulation

Fiberglass are inorganic , non-metallic material, have excellent electrical insulation, we usually use fiberglass mat covered someplace have to be insulated , which is a superior electrical insulating material.


 Surfacessuitability for irregular shape

Fiberglass is not only light but soft . we can use fiberglass needled mat or fiberglass wool to fill or coat somewhere with irregular surfaces need for insulation such as the boiler, pipes etc...


 Light texture, anti-erosion, anti- acid(alkaline)

Fiberglass is often used as reinforced plastic material. protect the mechanical equipment effectively while in corrosive and acid-base chemical environment.

Heat Insulation Effect

(Density 200kg/m³)

Density (ºC) Thermal conducting coefficient (Kcal/mhr ºC)
25ºC 0.030
100ºC 0.037
200ºC 0.048
300ºC 0.058
400ºC 0.076
500ºC 0.894
600ºC 0.112
700ºC 0.160


Noise Insulation Effect
Frequency (Hz) Noise Isulation coefficient
125 0.32
250 0.76
500 0.94
1000 0.96
2000 0.95
4000 0.98



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